Yes, we can.

Chuck Colson got it right.  (See his link below)  Republicans and all Christians can and should be supportive of legislation that protects the environment.  In their rush to promote business, Republicans are quick to trash the environment.  We shouldn’t trash people to save the environment, but all too often we won’t investigate viable alternates that would make us better stewards of the world God gave us.  Similarly, in our zeal to stimulate the economy, we are too willing to accept faulty reasoning or research just to buttress our position.  Those who advocate drilling more oil wells fail to align their facts with reality.  More domestic oil wells won’t produce oil for many years, and they won’t help the majority of Americans.  Delayed increases in domestic oil production will keep oil prices artificially high and just put more money into coffers of big oil companies, Arab and domestic.  Amazingly, the best solution for removing our dependence on Arab oil is also good for the environment, but politicians refuse to advocate it–we simply need to reduce the demand for oil.  The biggest drops in gas prices have occurred quickly whenever consumer demand has dropped.  Serious attempts at reducing the demand for gas would solve our economic imbalance of trade with other countries, and it would leave consumers more money to spent on goods and services that would make our economy hum.  If Republicans are serious about wanting to boost our economy, then they should be leading the charge to levy luxury taxes on gas guzzling vehicles and in promoting mass transit and car pooling through tax incentives.


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Who likes political correctness?

As I was recently viewing someone’s profile who proclaimed their resistance to political correctness, I was nodding in agreement when I suddenly realized that everybody has their own sense of political correctness.  This is true for Democrats and Republicans, especially for those among the Religious Right of the Republican Party.  My conclusion–Christians should avoid parroting the views of others without doing their own research.  Yes, I’m as guilty as the next person in this.  But if the Religious Right are to eradicate the stain of political correctness, only serious actions from individuals everywhere will avail. First of all, Christians must seek God for the truth and avoid merely listening to what other Christians are saying.  They need to think for themselves.  At the same time, they ought to realize that they are as easily deceived as the next person, so they should declare their convictions with humility.  Then they have to pray for the hearts of those with whom they share their convictions as well as for their own hearts.  Lastly, they should gather in groups to form a political base to proclaim their convictions.  Political caucusing and nomination of candidates begin in three or four months.  Yes, I know I’m an idealist, but now is the time to form political groups with like-minded people.

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The Herd Mentality

Republicans have the elephant as their mascot, but that doesn’t mean we should stampede like a herd for every conservative platform that might win us some votes.  Though our party has backed prolife legislation, when it comes to criminals, we’re pro-death.  Doesn’t the incongruency trouble death penalty supporters?  Many Republicans quote the Bible in their advocacy for the unborn.  Many Republican unashamedly profess their Christian faith and insist the New Testament curses homosexuality and blesses heterosexual marriage.  Have those same Christians forgotten the New Testament’s command to forgive and to seek for everyone to come to salvation in Christ.  Once criminals are dead, they have no chance for repentance.

Even more compelling for abolition of the death penalty is the numerous wrong convictions.

See Rod Dreher. for logical reasons for why Republicans should reject the death penalty.


Bachman goes Black

Bachman paints herself further in the extreme right corner by spewing forth conspiracy theories about environmentalists.  How can Republicans hope to get her or anyone like her elected President?  Americans want more freedom and less taxes which is good for winning Republican votes, but mainstream America doesn’t buy into her conspiracy theory, that environmental scientists are all liars, out to destroy our economy.  Republicans need candidates that espouse reason about dealing with our environment.

If you feel the Republican Party needs to change, band with other like Republicans now, so you can make a difference in the 2012 elections.   Start a blog like this one, or sign up to follow mine.  You should strongly consider following this blog if you live in the first congressional district in Minnesota

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Getting gas at $2.00/gal the wrong way

Michelle Bachman wants to increase the supply of gas through increased drilling which would increase the supply of oil.  The promises of decreasing the price to $2/gal that she makes are discounted by most responsible people, but even her attempt at increasing supply will encourage us to consume more oil and weaken the economy through increased spending on a perishable commodity.  Even a glance at recent history reveals that prices will go down much quicker when demand is decreased.  That can be accomplished through higher efficiency cars and tax penalties on gas guzzlers. Whether or not you discount theories about warm house gases, you can not dispute that less gas burned will decrease pollution, and it will mean less money in the coffers of big oil companies.  (I’m not against big oil companies, but I’d like to see more money for small businesses and for the average person on the street.)

If you feel the Republican Party needs to change, band with other like Republicans now, so you can make a difference in the 2012 elections.   Start a blog like this one, or sign up to follow mine.  You should strongly consider following this blog if you live in the first congressional district in Minnesota.

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Can you be Green and be Republican?

While Republicans hate to interfere with progress to protect an obscure rodent, don’t our Christian values and sense of patriotism insist that we  preserve our environment and stop greedy businesses from raping our land? Revelation 11:18 declares the God should destroy those who destroy the earth.  Republicans should be at the forefront of protecting all of our natural resources, so generations to come can enjoy what we have enjoyed.  In light of all the corruption revealed through the subprime mortgage debacle, Ponze schemes, and mega-corporation bankruptcies, the folly of trusting big business to be ethical or responsible with our environment should make Republicans want to rethink their views on the environment.

If you honestly feel the greenhouse gases caused by hydrocarbon fuel burning aren’t harming the environment, stroll through Mexico City or any one of a number of industrial cities in China at noon without a mask over your face.  If you feel Americans should keep their gas guzzling cars because we’ve got plenty of gas, why not limit  gas guzzlers so we use less foreign oil and stop financing Arab coffers and keep American dollars in our own economy.

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Are Republicans ready for a Tea Party backlash?

Most of the country is angry at both sides of the aisle in congress for not fixing the budget problems.  Yes, we must cut spending,but that’s only half of the equation. Warren Buffet and other billionaires beg us to make the rich pay their fair share.  Why hesitate? Should we cut expenditures until we shoot ourselves in the foot?  If we cut programs for education, we’ll lose our edge in the world market and lose jobs which will cost us revenue, not to mention increased prison populations and increased medical emergency care for those who let their medical needs slide due to poverty. Cutting primary medical programs increases the need for more expensive Tertiary medical care. And the list goes on.

I’m not advocating income redistribution. However, if you are a Republican, don’t you want a budget that’s not balanced on the backs of the middle-income bracket.

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