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Do Republicans care about the environment?

Democrats trash the Keystone pipeline because they think it will harm the environment, but they fail to explain how it will promote a cleaner environment.  Truly, they have let rhetoric rule over reason.  But have Republicans been any better in explaining their position?  We care for our great land, so we should advance policies that reflect that.  We should clearly research and describe how our proposals would preserve the environment.  Most candidates for President have been swayed by big money interests, but why should voters, rank and file Republicans, let large corporations which are lacking in a social conscience dictate what we leave as an inheritance for our grandchildren?  Although Republican stand for policies that will promote business in the US. that doesn’t mean we want to trash the environment.  Instead of blowing off evidence that we have global warming or that pollution has damaged the ozone layer, we should explain how our polices won’t destroy our land.

Republicans can certainly do a better job of defending nuclear energy as a viable alternative.  In addition to that, we should be putting forth proposals that promote common sense, environmental friendly energy sources.  We could promote diesel fuel, for example, especially biodiesel fuel which is as clean or cleaner than gasoline.   In Europe they realize that diesel vehicles get better mileage and is longer a dirty fuel so it is cheaper than gas.   We should advocate removing the federal taxes that were placed on it to discourage its use.  Oil companies, of course, would just as soon we continued to promote gas because it means more consumption and more profit for them.  For once, Republicans could stand up and say, “We are not run by big oil companies but what is best for our country.

El Nino worst in over 15 years, severe impact likely

El Nino worst in over 15 years, severe impact likely


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