Republican roots

Republicans used to stand for freedom and for the rights of small independent entrepreneurs.  If politicians trash Obamacare and fail to come up with a viable alternative that reduces the inflated costs of healthcare, where will that leave owners of small businesses?  Large corporations have an unfair advantage in securing health insurance for their employees, an advantage that weakens small companies and leaves independent entrepreneurs at a loss.  The loss of small businesses means loss of freedom for the American people.  If Americans have to choose between working for a large corporation or for the government as their only places of employment, our freedom will dissipate and our ability to act ethically eroded.  The reason politician fail to change the healthcare industry is because big money doesn’t want it to change, and politicians on both sides of the fence listen to the money.

Insurance aren’t responsive to consumers because they aren’t hired by the consumer.  They’re hired by corporations who dictate to their employees/the consumer what their policy is.  That relationship should be severed.  Insurance companies should be required to sell their policies only to individual consumers.  Serious compromise needs to take place among voting public, so we can determine what medical procedures are mandated to be covered by insurance policies, and what are elective and optional coverage.  Without a reduction of expectations by the American people of should be covered by insurance, medical costs will bankrupt the public and private sectors of our economy.  We will then have neither the freedom Republican demand nor the equality that Democrats seek.

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