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Time to Find a New Presidential Candidate

None of the current Republican Presidential candidates seem to generate much support among the electorate.  Why don’t Republicans find another willing candidate to run?  Mike Huckabee or John McCain or any willing candidate with a broad base of support would be better than what’s running now.  My hope is that a new candidate will step forward who has a more realistic view of our country’s energy policy and a more just proposal for taxation.  How do Republicans hope to win elections when they advocate taxing millionaires at 15% or less by reducing rates capital gains taxes even more and retaining generous loopholes for the rich while the majority of working America pays 35% of their income in taxes?


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Does any candidate have real solutions?

The national debt is $15.25 trillion.  In addition to that our government has $106 trillion unfunded liabilities fromSocial Security and Medicare each year. Each citizen’s share of the debt is $50,000 and each citizen’s share including unfunded liabilities is $390,000.  That’s insanity.  Is any Presidential candidate offering any real solutions.  Republicans say in unison we have to reduce spending, but where are they going to cut enough to make a real difference.  Democrats say in unison that we have to raise taxes, but if that’s all we do we’ll kill our economy.  Obvious solution: we have got to both.raise taxes some and reduce spending a lot.  And why are Republicans so afraid of having the rich pay their fair share of taxes.  Capitol gains tax at 15% while the blue collar worker has to pay 25-40%–is that fair?  Blue collar workers already have to pay a higher percent of their income to social security taxes than many who are making six figure incomes.  And isn’t social security supposed to be a safety net for retired people?  Retired millionaires don’t need to be collecting social security checks.  If Republican want to win in November, they better find some candidate who haven’t been bought out by the wealthy.

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