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Yes, we can.

Chuck Colson got it right.  (See his link below)  Republicans and all Christians can and should be supportive of legislation that protects the environment.  In their rush to promote business, Republicans are quick to trash the environment.  We shouldn’t trash people to save the environment, but all too often we won’t investigate viable alternates that would make us better stewards of the world God gave us.  Similarly, in our zeal to stimulate the economy, we are too willing to accept faulty reasoning or research just to buttress our position.  Those who advocate drilling more oil wells fail to align their facts with reality.  More domestic oil wells won’t produce oil for many years, and they won’t help the majority of Americans.  Delayed increases in domestic oil production will keep oil prices artificially high and just put more money into coffers of big oil companies, Arab and domestic.  Amazingly, the best solution for removing our dependence on Arab oil is also good for the environment, but politicians refuse to advocate it–we simply need to reduce the demand for oil.  The biggest drops in gas prices have occurred quickly whenever consumer demand has dropped.  Serious attempts at reducing the demand for gas would solve our economic imbalance of trade with other countries, and it would leave consumers more money to spent on goods and services that would make our economy hum.  If Republicans are serious about wanting to boost our economy, then they should be leading the charge to levy luxury taxes on gas guzzling vehicles and in promoting mass transit and car pooling through tax incentives.


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