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Who likes political correctness?

As I was recently viewing someone’s profile who proclaimed their resistance to political correctness, I was nodding in agreement when I suddenly realized that everybody has their own sense of political correctness.  This is true for Democrats and Republicans, especially for those among the Religious Right of the Republican Party.  My conclusion–Christians should avoid parroting the views of others without doing their own research.  Yes, I’m as guilty as the next person in this.  But if the Religious Right are to eradicate the stain of political correctness, only serious actions from individuals everywhere will avail. First of all, Christians must seek God for the truth and avoid merely listening to what other Christians are saying.  They need to think for themselves.  At the same time, they ought to realize that they are as easily deceived as the next person, so they should declare their convictions with humility.  Then they have to pray for the hearts of those with whom they share their convictions as well as for their own hearts.  Lastly, they should gather in groups to form a political base to proclaim their convictions.  Political caucusing and nomination of candidates begin in three or four months.  Yes, I know I’m an idealist, but now is the time to form political groups with like-minded people.


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