Getting gas at $2.00/gal the wrong way

Michelle Bachman wants to increase the supply of gas through increased drilling which would increase the supply of oil.  The promises of decreasing the price to $2/gal that she makes are discounted by most responsible people, but even her attempt at increasing supply will encourage us to consume more oil and weaken the economy through increased spending on a perishable commodity.  Even a glance at recent history reveals that prices will go down much quicker when demand is decreased.  That can be accomplished through higher efficiency cars and tax penalties on gas guzzlers. Whether or not you discount theories about warm house gases, you can not dispute that less gas burned will decrease pollution, and it will mean less money in the coffers of big oil companies.  (I’m not against big oil companies, but I’d like to see more money for small businesses and for the average person on the street.)

If you feel the Republican Party needs to change, band with other like Republicans now, so you can make a difference in the 2012 elections.   Start a blog like this one, or sign up to follow mine.  You should strongly consider following this blog if you live in the first congressional district in Minnesota.

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