Can you be Green and be Republican?

While Republicans hate to interfere with progress to protect an obscure rodent, don’t our Christian values and sense of patriotism insist that we  preserve our environment and stop greedy businesses from raping our land? Revelation 11:18 declares the God should destroy those who destroy the earth.  Republicans should be at the forefront of protecting all of our natural resources, so generations to come can enjoy what we have enjoyed.  In light of all the corruption revealed through the subprime mortgage debacle, Ponze schemes, and mega-corporation bankruptcies, the folly of trusting big business to be ethical or responsible with our environment should make Republicans want to rethink their views on the environment.

If you honestly feel the greenhouse gases caused by hydrocarbon fuel burning aren’t harming the environment, stroll through Mexico City or any one of a number of industrial cities in China at noon without a mask over your face.  If you feel Americans should keep their gas guzzling cars because we’ve got plenty of gas, why not limit  gas guzzlers so we use less foreign oil and stop financing Arab coffers and keep American dollars in our own economy.

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