Are Republicans ready for a Tea Party backlash?

Most of the country is angry at both sides of the aisle in congress for not fixing the budget problems.  Yes, we must cut spending,but that’s only half of the equation. Warren Buffet and other billionaires beg us to make the rich pay their fair share.  Why hesitate? Should we cut expenditures until we shoot ourselves in the foot?  If we cut programs for education, we’ll lose our edge in the world market and lose jobs which will cost us revenue, not to mention increased prison populations and increased medical emergency care for those who let their medical needs slide due to poverty. Cutting primary medical programs increases the need for more expensive Tertiary medical care. And the list goes on.

I’m not advocating income redistribution. However, if you are a Republican, don’t you want a budget that’s not balanced on the backs of the middle-income bracket.

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